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Dear visitor welcome to our english site!

The need for this site is created for the simple reason that there are people on the move who daily attend Mass, but often have limited time and because we are a traveling Church, so that sometimes we have to participate in Masses in other parishes, and faithful from other parishes have to attend the Mass in our parish.

From a lack of information about the locations of individual parishes, both in Zagreb and throughout Croatia, and the increasing use of the Internet as well as access to the mobile device, we just want to provide information to those people so that at any time and at any location they can get the desired information about the address of the parish and the time of service of the Masses.

Please, if you have recognized our desire and need for information about the Church, your charitable contribution can be paid on the following account of the Association with the purpose of " project"

Currently we are gathering funds for starting a customized site for mobile devices.

Best regards and God bless!